Rahul Dravid inspiring central bankers

Amit Varma in his brilliant Seen and Unseen Podcast series speaks to Dr Viral Acharya. Dr Acharya speaks about “why we should all join him in the battle against Fiscal Dominance”.

In the initial part of the conversation, Dr Acharya reflects on what happened when he was appointed as a Deputy Governor at RBI.

In a meeting with friends in NY, he is asked what kind of a central banker he wishes to become? Bernanke, Yellen and so on.

Acharya’s reply was “No, I want to be Rahul Dravid”! He goes onto explain how Indian batting in numerous test matches revolved around Dravid.

The Dravid aura continues to grow and inspire central bankers as well. What a player and how he held the fort or the wall for so many years without any publicity or hype.

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