Report on the public consultation on a digital euro

ECB has published the public consultation of Digital Euro:

Although not representative of the European population as a whole, the input received from citizens and professionals signals that privacy, security, usability, low cost and accessibility are among the most popular features that respondents expect from a possible digital euro. Most respondents stress the value of privacy, often acknowledging requirements to avoid illicit activities while protecting the confidentiality
of payments data.

The vast majority of respondents see intermediaries playing a role in the digital euro ecosystem, mainly as a way of enabling the introduction of innovative and efficient services and facilitating integration with existing offerings. Mixed views are expressed on the use of tools to avoid unwanted macroeconomic consequences, which is a technical topic but with a substantial amount of public interest. Generally, respondents expect cross-border and cross-currency payments to be supported in a fast, interoperable and low-cost manner.

Overall, most of the respondents are willing to support a digital euro, especially given the Eurosystem’s commitment ever since its public engagement on the topic began that it would not use a digital euro to either discontinue cash or lower interest rates in the economy.

The responses from the public consultation provide valuable input to the Eurosystem’s ongoing assessments and upcoming decisions on a possible digital euro, even though it is accepted that the sample of respondents is not representative of the European population. At the same time, experiments to assess the strengths and weaknesses of different design options and further analysis of the policy implications of a digital euro are necessary to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the technical input received.

This analysis does not pre-empt decisions, reach conclusions or commit the Eurosystem to provide a digital euro of any kind. Nor does it prevent the Eurosystem  from further investigating and engaging with the general public and relevant stakeholders on the topic of a digital euro.


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