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Central banking independence in times of shifting societal concerns

June 3, 2021

ECB’s Isabel Schabel in this speech discusses how high inflation in 1970s led to independent central banks. The challenges facing central banks today are different. How central banks respond to these challenges will be crucial to their existence and retaining independence:

The challenges central banks are facing today are fundamentally different from the ones that were relevant when they gained broad political independence. Inflation is less of a concern to many people, in large part reflecting the achievements of central banks over time.

As a result, expectations towards central banks have changed. Many call for central banks to have a more active role in tackling wider societal challenges, climate change in particular. Such shifts in preferences coincide with a broad distrust of far-reaching and complex monetary policy measures taken by central banks in recent years to protect the economy from a perilous spiral of falling prices and wages.

In this environment, the demands on central bank communication are enormous. Independent central banks have a duty to respond to the concerns of the public and to carefully evaluate whether and how they may be able, within their mandate, to respond to these concerns. Accountability is the quid pro quo of independence.

The ECB is doing this diligently as part of its ongoing monetary policy strategy review. We are analysing the effects and side effects of our unconventional monetary policy instruments in depth. And we are exploring if and how, within our mandate, we can contribute to the broader objectives of the Union, including by taking measures that will help accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable economy, while firmly adhering to our primary objective of price stability.

Of course the question is wide open whether central banks should work towards achieving these social goals.

Podcast with Akhil Handa: How Bank of Baroda is chartering its digital strategy..

June 3, 2021

Anupam Gupta’s Paisa Vaisa podcast features Akhil Handa, Digital Head at Bank of Baroda.

Akhil discusses how the 112 year old bank is going big on digital forays. BoB’s website has many more details. How some of the Public Sector Banks are reinventing themselves is quite a story. BoB has always had application of technology in its DNA and not surprising they are doing some interesting things in the space.

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