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Education Loan NPAs in Tamil Nadu: Issues and Challenges

June 14, 2021

Shromona Ganguly and Deepa S. Raj in this RBI Occassional Paper series:

The study examines determinants of default in education loans in Tamil Nadu, a state with significant presence in education loan disbursal in the country. It uses account level data of over two lakh borrowers from two public sector banks and one private sector bank in an attempt to identify significant predictors of default. Empirical analysis suggests that loan accounts with higher interest rate and of lower duration have higher default probability while loans extended to accounts with Aadhar information, collateral backing or some subsidy element have lower risk of default.

Implications of El Salvador’s tryst with Bitcoin

June 14, 2021

My new article in Moneycontrol on a last week policy decision which shook the world of money.

Reflections on South Africa’s Lost Decade

June 14, 2021

So many economies are going through lost decade problem.

South Africa has been in the list. Former SA Finance Minister Trevor Manuel in this podcast speaks about how SA lost the plot:

When the apartheid regime ceded power following South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994, the economy was in shambles. Debt service costs as a share of GDP were crippling. Trevor Manuel—a veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle and appointed minister of finance—revamped the budgeting process and set a stringent deficit reduction target. By 2006, the economy was growing at its fastest pace in more than two decades. In this podcast, Manuel looks back at what drove the country’s longest phase of economic growth and how he believes the ruling party he helped establish has lost its way

From Manuel:

You could bring people in because there was a project that people wanted to be part of. It was how we would deliver democracy. That doesn’t exist anymore. The ANC that we knew doesn’t exist.

How Indian National Congress and African National Congress lost the plots…

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