Podcast on History of analytics in India: Linking World War-I, Karl Pearson, PC Mahalanobis, Indian IT industry and many more

Karthik Shashidhar has started a podcast named Data Chatter.
Data Chatter is a podcast on all things data. It is a series of conversations with experts and industry leaders in data, and each week we aim to unpack a different compartment of the “data suitcase”. The podcast is hosted by Karthik Shashidhar. He is a blogger, newspaper columnist, book author and a former data and strategy consultant. Karthik currently heads Analytics and Business Intelligence for Delhivery, one of India’s largest logistics companies. You can follow him on twitter at @karthiks, and read his blog at http://noenthuda.com/blog

In the 4th episode, Karthik speaks to Dr. N Dayasindhu who gives a fascinating historical account of data analytics in India. I mean there are so many threads in India.

Analytics and Data Science have become mainstream career choices for graduating students in India nowadays. Analytics companies are nowadays among the largest recruiters at engineering colleges.

How did we get here? How did data and analytics become so big, and so mainstream in India? In order to understand this, we need to understand the full history of analytics in India, and this is a story that goes back over a hundred years.

Today’s guest is N Dayasindhu, co-founder and CEO of itihaasa Research and Digital. For the past two decades, he has been working on R&D and innovation management especially focused on IT. He is working on the evolution of business and technology focused on IT and related domains in the Indian context. In an earlier avatar, he was a consultant advising MNCs setting up high-performance R&D and IT organizations in India.

00:03:20 – PC Mahalanobis returns to India (1910s)
00:12:30 – Using analytics for engineering problems at IISc (1950s) https://ece.iisc.ac.in/index.php/about-us/history 00:23:00 – Analytics in the industry in India (1960s)
00:33:00 – Big tech coming into India (1980s)
00:35:30 – GE sets up captive in India (1990s)
00:39:45 – Analytics services startups; IT firms get into analytics (ealrly 2000s)
00:49:30 – Analytics training institutes in India (2010s)
00:52:00 – How to characterise analytics professionals in India

Do check Dayasindhu’s fascinating work – Itihasa which is chronicling and archiving history of Indian IT industry.

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