The IPL and the Benefits of Competition

Nice blogpost by Ashish saying how he was wrong about IPL and the League has transformed Indian cricket.

I somehow never really had a view on whether IPL will harm or benefit cricket. I did see it is a very different type of cricket where one can watch without really being nervous as is the case in a typical match played by Indian team. I also did see how really young Indian players were rubbing off shoulders with global players which would surely help them boost their confidence. This was best seen in the iconic India-Australia series played in Australia in 2020-21 where India beat the top Australian side with a second string of players. Most of the Indian players had already played with most of the Aus players in IPL and were not just not intimidated. The overall Indian performance overseas has improved leaps and bounds and IPL has played some role there.

Coming back to Ashish’s blogpost, he says it is a good idea to study principles of economics by watching and discussing IPL. I agree! IPL teams have a lot to offer for helping understand economics, business, management etc. IPL has given hope to having careers in sport management and economics.


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