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Real-Time Monitoring of the Indian Economy

August 23, 2022

Anupam Prakash, Chaitali Bhowmick and Ishu Thakur in this rbi bulletin article develop new indices to track economic activity in India

The article presents weekly activity indices to track the latest developments in the Indian economy with the least possible lag. Two different weekly indices have been developed using daily/weekly indicators – (i) a 7-indicator weekly activity index (WAI) using the dynamic factor
model reflecting changes in economic activity on a yearon-year basis; (ii) a 15-indicator weekly diffusion index (WDI) reflecting directional movement on a sequential basis which compliments the model-based WAI. The WAI tracked the ebbs and flows in economic activity during the pandemic years followed by the more recent disruptions caused by the Russia-Ukraine war since February 2022.


The slaughter of the bison and reversal of fortunes on the great plains

August 23, 2022

Donn. L. Feir, Rob Gillezeau & Maggie E.C. Jones in this NBER paper oint how extinction of bison 

Impact of bison!

Corporations under autocracy: Lessons from Russian and German history

August 23, 2022

Caroline Fohlin  and Amanda Gregg in this voxeu piece:

Political institutions have important implications for economic growth. One key channel is through the impact on industrial activity. This column compares the impact of political institutions in Germany and Russia on corporations pre-WW1 to isolate the impact of political and economic openness, as the two countries were similar in other characteristics such as their autocratic political regimes, civil law legal systems, and their late industrialisation. Russia corporations faced greater barriers to entry, which resulted in fewer corporations, and greater reliance on bank debt, due to weaker development of Russian financial markets.

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