Dr C Rangarajan’s 91st birthday

Ahmedabad University recently celebrated and felicitated Dr C Rangarajan on his 91st birthday at its 4th annual economics conference.

What a career he has had and more importantly what a person he is despite all the achievements. Tremendous inspiration for generations. He shows why age is just a number.   He has just written an account of his policy days.

I wrote a few lines on his birthday.

Dr Rangarajan @91

As India reflects on its financial sector reforms of nineteen ninety one,
The captain who led the reforms has also turned  ninety one.
And when that captain writes a book on the reforms at that age,
We know he is a special person on the world stage.

He started career as a teacher of economics,
Appointed RBI Deputy Governor as one of the few  from academics.
He chaired many a committees at the Central Bank,
Gradually shaping himself as an economic think tank.

The 1991 crisis hit all of India’s economic targets,
Needing to change economic policy from planning to markets.
Just like Kapil Dev with whom he nearly shares his birthday,
He led the reforms which has shaped Indian economy as we see it today .

He has  served public for so long,
There is barely a policy position he has not  been on,
From being the RBI governor to holding finance commission chairmanship,
Is like running on the Friedman road and then taking a Keynesian trip.

Even Gods marvel at his work ethic,
All humans can do is to admire and applaud his magic.
We pray that Gods continue to bless him with happiness and health,
So that he can  keep writing books sharing his wealth.


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