ChatGPT and the Future of Business Education

Knowledge@INSEAD points to views of some of the professsors on impact of ChatGPT  on Business Education:

Over a million users have tested the potential and limits of ChatGPT – a chatbot developed by AI research company OpenAI – to write emails, poems or code, or even produce entire research papers. The chatbot recently passed a Wharton School MBA exam, prompting further admiration and alarm.

Several academic journal publishers have banned authors from using ChatGPT, and professors are changing exams and assignments in response to the tool. But is ChatGPT a tipping point that will change business schools as we know them?

While many of us are stunned by how impressive and natural the output can be, it doesn’t mean it’s useful for everything we do. Here’s what we’ve found are the major implications for research, teaching and learning.

Interesting observations…


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