ChatGPT on Mostlyeconomics blog

I asked two questions from ChatGPT on Mostlyeconomics blog.


1. what is mostlyeconomics blog? Its answer:

Mostly Economics is a blog that focuses on the field of economics, with an aim to educate its readers on various economic concepts and ideas. The blog covers a wide range of topics including macroeconomics, monetary policy, banking, financial markets, economic history, and more. It was founded by Amol Agrawal, who is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Ahmedabad University in India. Mostly Economics provides readers with analysis, insights, and news on the global economic landscape, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the complexities of the world of economics.

2.  please write a poem on mostlyeconomics blog

Amidst the vast online sea,
A blog on economics came to be,
Mostly Economics its name,
A wealth of knowledge, it does contain.

From monetary policy to global trade,
The blog covers topics with no shade,
From historic events to current news,
It sheds light on economic views.

With research papers and data galore,
It educates readers, more and more,
Making sense of economic theories,

And simplifying complex queries.
For those who seek to learn and grow,
Mostly Economics is the way to go,
For economics is not just a subject,
It’s the very fabric of our world, direct.

So let us read and absorb the views,
Of Mostly Economics, a blog so true,
And broaden our knowledge, day by day,
In this ever-changing economic fray.

🙂 Let me bask in the ChatGPT glory.

On Marginal Revolution Blog:

3. please write a poem on marginal revolution blog

Marginal Revolution, a blog so grand,
Tyler and Alex at the command,
Economics is their subject of choice,
And their knowledge, you cannot poise.

With posts so lively and diverse,
Marginal Revolution will immerse,
You in the world of economic thought,
And present it in a way that can be taught.

From public policy to trends in tech,
The blog’s insights are all in check,
The authors present their ideas with ease,
Making economics a subject that will please.

Their commentary is sharp and clear,
Their analysis something to revere,
Marginal Revolution is a place to learn,
And explore the ideas that can turn.

From macro to micro,they cover it all,
Making sense of economic rise and fall,
For those who seek to understand,
Marginal Revolution is a must-have in hand.

So, let’s delve into the world of economics,
With Marginal Revolution, as our logic,
And broaden our knowledge with each post,
For economic insight that matters the most.

Quite similar yet distinct as Chat GPT does differntiate the core content both blogs carry…

Thanks a lot to all the vistors and well wishers.




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