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Name: Amol Agrawal
Location: Ahmedabad , India

Profile: I am currently teaching economics at Ahmedabad University. I have work-ex of nearly 10 years, mostly spent doing economic research in financial sector. Some of my papers/articles in newspapers/presentations etc are here

This blog was started to organise my thoughts on the various research papers/notes/speeches that I managed to read (or found interesting) and keep a mental note of the same. In this process, I have got some great reviews and support from the visitors which has kept the blog going. Thanks all the vistors for the inputs and constant encouragement.


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  1. Sachin Agrawal Says:

    Hi Amol,

    Let I introduce myself to you first before writing anything about your article.

    I am Sachin Agrawal, presently doing MBA (PGPM) from Great Lakes Institute of Management,chennai.Initially worked with Thermax Ltd in marketing.

    We were just given the assignment in the midnight by the faculty to give a presentation on India’s current account deficit by morning 8 AM. In this context only i came across your blog in mostly economics.word
    I was really a nice one but some suggestions from my side to make it more understandable to readers is instead of giving facts in the para form, it will be better if written in the crisp table format. Otherwise it was one of the best article i had seen on the following topic.


    Sachin Agrawal

  2. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Sachin,

    Thanks for the compliments and suggestions.

    There is little one can cover in a blog post because of space limitation. So, I generally avoid details. In this specific case, the tables were already there in the RBI report. Hence, avoided the repitition.

  3. Arnab Ganguly Says:

    Hi Amol,

    A wonderful blog indeed-just thouhgt of leaving a line of appreciation for this tremendous work !


  4. hi Says:

    u r doing a useful job for researchers and students
    all the best
    alok puranik

  5. Aseem Naphade Says:

    Hey Amol, your articles are amazing!! I need your help for one of my debates the topic is “Urbanization improves environment”. The improvement has to be in terms of population and economic development. Im speaking for the proposition. Do give me some ideas if you have the time. Thanks…..
    Aseem Naphade (

  6. Says:


  7. Ankan Mondal Says:

    Dear Sirji,

    Good to see that you are slowly but gradually building up a knowldege repository. Congratulations on this fantastic endeavour. Your blog has helped me in many more ways than I can possibly jot down.

    Keep up the good work. All the very best.


  8. Charudutta Says:

    I would like to participate in this blog as a member.How do I do that?

  9. Tejus Trivedi Says:

    Hi Amol,

    I just happened to come across your blog. I run a blog to raise shareholder awareness on the people and processes behind U.S. publicly listed companies.

    Shareholder awareness (including that of small individual investors) of Board responsibility and the critical role that Board committees play needs to grow. They must be aware of ‘who’ is working behind the scenes in the companies that they have invested in.

    Dependency on financial figures, quarterly estimates should reduce and the importance given to qualitative factors needs to increase. More companies are restating their financial estimates than ever before.

    There is a lot of talk (and some action) on repairing the credit crisis at the macro (country) level. But, ultimately, unless there is better oversight of management actions at the company level, this might be a recurring problem. For example, Board level oversight on Assets, at major financial institutions appears to be conspicously absent. These Assets include the large scale of mortgage backed securities that were bundled and securitized for the past few years. And yet, very few Board level company members either knew or even had the expertise to advise the company correctly.

    I hope you get a chance to read my blog and perhaps offer it to your readers in turn.



  10. Vinu Says:

    Hi Amol,

    first Let me introduce myself, I have pursuade my MBA and working with one of the Big4 company.

    Thanks for your blog articles – its providing bundle of knowldedge.
    One thing I like in your article – way of writing an article, its so simple to understand to any layman. Most of the people thinks Economics is difficult to understand. You made lots of economic jargons to easy one.

    Once again thanks!!
    Keep this spirit, expect lot more from you.

    Vinod Kumar

  11. Andrew Knight Says:

    Hi Amol,

    Hows things? I would like to know why you removed my website from yours?

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  12. Gaurav Tiwari Says:

    Hi Amol

    Just wanted to say thanks
    I have been visiting your blog for quiet some time and have been getting interesting insights on varied topics like taxes, finance, economics….
    I am an engg student so all this is like a new world to me 🙂

    Thanks again

  13. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind appreciation.

  14. Atul Says:

    Hi Amol..
    Awesome blog…

    But tell us more about ur profile.. what do u do..

  15. ritesh bhagat Says:

    hi amol..

    first let me introduce myself.. i am ritesh bhagat .. i am 20 . final year engg. student… i want to pursue MBA… as i love it alot… specially finance and economics..

    well thats a fantastic blog .. and really loved it … it was really nice going through it …

    grt initiative for future MBA aspirants like me … thanks…..

  16. murali Says:

    i wonder how do you track all these articles across globe and give analysis in crisp and understandable. great job and i appreciate your willingness to share your ideas and information

  17. Sonal Says:

    A Knowledge Repository..Though am hardly into economics but this blog of yours have kept me glued.Needless to say I am getting interesting insights on finance and all ..and yes Thanks for the wonderful posts.Keep it up.Will Look forward to more of quality articles 🙂

  18. Alok Says:

    Dear Mr. Amol,

    I am a II Year MBA student. Mighty impressed and benefited by ur blog. Keep up the good work.

  19. buddhaprakash Says:

    Good one….

  20. Gopidalai Muralidhar Rao Says:

    Hello Sir

    I am pursuing my MBA from Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai. I had come across this blog while searching on Current Deficit topic. Must say, good analysis & insights and your blog is in true sense a repository of knowledge. Appreciate your efforts. Looking forward to many more valuable stuff.Thanks.

  21. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Thanks Gopidalai Muralidhar Rao for your comments…

  22. manshi gupta Says:

    hello sir! thanku so much for such an enriching blog, dealing wid economic analysis when there so few in india. if i have any questions on indian macroeconomics can i ask you , wil u answer on this blog , sir? plz replyeg what do u mean by overheating of econoy, short term price asset bubble,meaning of the term asset bubble n hw tis is related to kapital inflows?

  23. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Yes Manshi, you can ask qs on this blog.

    Overheating means demand is more than the supply. Hence, one needs to either raise supplies (which takes time) or cool the demand (via interest rate increases). Otherwise, overheating will lead to rise in prices and overall inflation.

    Asset Bubble means when prices in the markets are not in line with fundamentals. It is very difficult to measure what a bubble is. Can you say 15% rise in equity markets a bubble? Hence, it is always a problem. Though, by looking at other data we can arrive at some idea over whether the markets are overvalued etc. Capital inflows from abroad lead to rise in demand for assets, leading to rise in prices. So, it contributes to the bubble like situation.

  24. sulochana Says:

    hello sir,
    Just happened to go through your blog,i must say it’s very enriching and informative.

  25. Amol Agrawal Says:

    thanks sulochana for the kind comments

  26. Lok Says:

    Dear Amol,

    I chanced on your rich blog while googling for some online masters or Phd programs in economics. I am not connected to economics in anyway by past education or work experience. I simply love economics and economists and my major motivation has been some blogs I read regularly. Admit I miss this one. There is only so much a human can get attached to. But yes I have added this to favourites and shall keep posting comments.

    Could you advise some reputed (quality of education) online / distance mode programs at Masters Level in economics. My intention is to go ahead for PhD full time and become a faculty eventually. Say good bye to my career that sucks and adds no economic value to my corporation, the nation or the society. I have been googling for over a month now and came across only ONE viz. University of North Dakota that offers an online Masters in Economics but I am not sure about its quality and further prospects of continuing with my PhD full time (no work, no distraction) at some well ranked Ivy League school with emphasis on analytical aspects / econometrics as they call from the likes of MIT or Berkeley or even IIT / IIM fellow. But first I need to complete Masters while I am working and I am very serious on this. Why Masters, why not PhD directly – which is also possible. But yes. Like all rational minds, I am keeping my options open for worst case. At the least I complete the core courses that are anyway needed for PhD. Though I am Indian, I would hate to consider education even if free from institutions named after socialists leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi.

    I look forward to hear from you

  27. Alok Says:

    I second this. Surely a few web queries could help determine what it is that you exactly do, but its nothing like to hear from the horse’s mouth. And please don’t be modest

  28. mangai Says:

    can i find economics related jobs .

  29. vipin garg Says:

    hello Amol,
    this is vipin garg final year mbbs student at aiims.I find economics very stimulating and so started with NCERT text books 11 ,12 std and then read macroeconomics by dorbnusch schwatz and fischer.. follow krugman on NY times and came across this blog while searching for research on inequalities and indian economy… must say, this is the most wonderful,enriching,informative and must say profoundly stimulative blog i follow… research and debate of every shade….. keep it coming….

  30. parinaazmehta Says:

    Hi Amol this is Parinaaz , Prof Hatekar’s student. hope u remember???

  31. Sajesh Says:

    Hi. All the Best for your new venture…(PhD)….

  32. Rohith Says:

    Hi Amol,
    Good blog. Nice & meaningful ideas in some very concisely put up posts. Would like to hear from you..
    I run a portal on Federalism in India. Let me know it it interests you..I do talk about fiscal federalism on this portal occasionally..actually pretty frequently!

    Good luck with your endeavours!

  33. AnAnonymousAspirant Says:

    Dear Amol,

    First off, let me express how refreshing it is to see researchers from India actually sharing such interesting posts on a public domain, catered even for people who might not have an exceptional, doctorate level, understanding of economics.

    I truly feel it would be a benefit to the criminally underdeveloped academic community of the country if more experts such as yourself so proactively put out information.
    Thank you for this blog!

    That being said, I do have a more personal question for you since I am desperately looking for an economic expert in the academic scene, such as yourself, to give me some brief, unbiased, advice.

    I am currently enrolled in a decent tier college for a B. Sc. course in Economics.

    I wish to ultimately achieve a PhD. in Economics from a foreign university and then migrate to seek a job in academia overseas.

    Given the difference in years of education, it is out of the question for me to apply to any institute in the United States or Canada after my bachelors.

    1) Would it be a wise decision for me to apply to DSE with the hope of the university assisting me in getting a placement for a PhD. program overseas? Are such placements common if at all possible?
    I do not have any high, ivy, expectations and will be satisfied getting a doctorate from a top 35.

    2) Moreover, if I were to get my masters, and then doctorate degree from Europe instead of the U.S.A. would I still be able to secure a job in the academic market, given that I would be an international student?

    3) Are my thoughts of migrating for a job even feasible?

    I would deeply appreciate it if you could please answer however many of my questions when you have the time to.

    Warm regards,


  34. Subroto Roy Says:

    Congratulations on the very good interest and nice work on the RBI. You may find some of these of interest.

  35. jinushah Says:

    Great job Amol Agarwal, I was searching for quite long, a Indian version of economic blog-site which is neutral and has constructive elaborate posts. Thanks

  36. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Thanks Jinu Shah for the kind comments on my blog. It means a lot to get comments from people like you..

  37. Seetharam Says:

    Hi amol,

    Happened to hear about you , your work and contribution through Mr.N.S.Venkatesh.

    I am very keen to learn and acquire knowledge on interest lies in social causes which can impact livelihood , education and healthcare .

    Would like to subscribe to your write ups

    All the very best


  38. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Mr. Seetharam,

    Welcome to my blog and hope you enjoy reading. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome.

    With regards,


  39. Anil Santwani Says:

    Hi Amol,
    I have read your blog on banking names through live mint. Found quite intresting. I suggest to add research on logos and color of sign boards of the banks. It will give you intresting results. One can understand Culture of perticular bank and growth of the bank also linked with those logos and color used by them

  40. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks a lot for your comment and reaching out to me. You are right about looking at logos etc as well. Please see this as it might interest you:

    With regards,

  41. ashoksinghania Says:

    hi any amol i am regular reader of blog. it is high time you include modern monetary th eory articles in your blog. will send you details shortly.

  42. Indian Economy Explained: How did the banking system evolve and why banks fail? - Suno India Says:

    […] Amol is a faculty in the Economics Area at Amrut Mody School of Management at Ahmedabad University. He has about 10 years of Work Experience mainly as an economist in financial markets in Mumbai. He is an avid blogger and his blog is consistently ranked amidst top 100 economics blogs in the world. Check out his blogs, “Mostly Economics” here. […]

  43. Harsh Says:

    Great blog

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