How to use this Blog?

1. Kindly provide reference to my blog whenever you cite ideas from my blog postings. It provides some encouragment to keep blogging and sharing my ideas and views on various topics.

2. Many a times the links I have provided to various newspaper articles, research papers, reports etc do not work as either the link has been removed or the link has been made a paid one.

Do point out to me as I can try and correct the broken links if possible. However, for some links like newspaper articles fixing may be difficult. I try and provide most of the links that are free but cannot do anything if the content which is free initially is made paid content later on. For instance, articles from Business Standard (a popular Business newspaper in India; I put it as BS in my blog postings) are free initially but not later on. Same is the case for most of the articles in The Economist.

3. Do point out certain articles/papers you think are interesting and relevant.

4. I also try and answer questions on Economy and Finance in my limited capacity. However, the response of answers would depend on the time permitting and the question of course.


18 Responses to “How to use this Blog?”

  1. prabhat singh tomar Says:

    i want infomation about challenges in Indian economy.

  2. arhiderrr Says:

    Nice article

  3. Aditi Says:

    Hi…m doin a research project on effect of indian monetary policy changes on the stock market for the p.d 2000-08…..any help…

    also can any1 tell me where can i find the data for changes in the CRR, SLR, BANK RATE, REPO N REVERSE REPO for the p.d 2000-08….


  4. Nitin singh Says:

    Hi amol,
    Great blog ……..keep it up
    Nitin Singh (your ol’ mayo friend…:)}

  5. Surbhi Says:

    Please inform me on the total number of cooperatives in India and how many women are working in them.

  6. Amol Agrawal Says:

    I have no idea of this number. Check the Ministry of Rural Development website.

  7. Devendra Says:

    Hi Amol,
    Can you help me understannd a coorelation in GDP and inflation in post-independenece Indian Economy.Is it possible to provide an analysis supported with data.

  8. Nikhilesh Says:

    Is there any way that you can set it so that when you post something, it is sent in email form to those who subscribe i.e. feedburner? I’d be keen and I’m sure there’d be many others.

  9. Bodhi Ganguli Says:

    Glad to discover your blog. I dont cover the Indian economy, but I am always interested to know what is going on.


  10. Rakhi Says:

    This website provides all in all… real economics!
    Thank you Sir.

  11. Pradeep Says:

    Thanks a lot Sir…Thanks for sharing this information to us..would be using your blog to connect a few dots


    Hi Amol
    gr8 blog. its really wonderful. may I suggest that we need to have a separate page for education about various intricate economic jagrons,theories. Your indepth knowledge will certainly help many to have a thorough knowledeg about the basics as well as other important topics.
    all the best and keep it up…….
    sandeep gupta

  13. Parul Says:

    If the interest rate of a domestic currency tends to rise this leads to increase in the demand for domestic currency as a result domestic currency appreciates and foreign currency depreciates.

    do you all agree??

  14. Amol Agrawal Says:

    yes, it also depends on the flow of capital. The country needs to be in demand and foreign investors should be actively looking at investing. Otherwise there would not be much impact.

  15. John Chalmers Says:

  16. Vikram Says:

    Good one

  17. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Thanks Vikram.

  18. rsankarblog Says:

    Can I post my articles on this blogsite?

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