Mostly Economics included in TeachStreet’s Featured Blogger Program

One of the readers of this blog has nominated Mostly Economics to become a part of this online community called TeachStreet.

TeachStreet is a dynamic online community that brings motivated learners and talented teachers together. On one hand, this is a place where people who love to learn can find classes that are just right for them. On the other, we offer a public forum that helps teachers, coaches, and other experts share what they know. In the process, TeachStreet helps these experts grow their businesses with simple online tools they can use to promote their classes, workshops and special events. So they can then focus on what they do best—teach.

In short, the TeachStreet team is a bunch of dreamers and tech geeks who want to encourage people to get away from their computers, get out into the real world, and learn something new. So we support that goal by helping people find experts in their own neighborhoods who can teach them face-to-face.

TeachStreet is privately-funded and located in downtown Seattle, WA. We’ve formally launched in major cities all over the U.S. and are growing bigger all the time. In fact, customers have listed classes in more than 500 cities across the country

The idea is to make this blog reach out to a wider audience. So have joined it. As part of this initiative, ME has been given their badge.

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3 Responses to “Mostly Economics included in TeachStreet’s Featured Blogger Program”

  1. Mostly Economics included in TeachStreet’s Featured Blogger Program « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] See this page […]

  2. Aurélio Barbato Says:

    Very good

  3. Aurélio Barbato Says:

    A proximidade é muito importante no relacionamento entre as empresas e a mídia. E não só por intermédio de sugestões de pautas ou…

    Sermos parceiros também significa identificarmo-nos numa dimensão mais ampla, onde a empatia é crucial. Destinado aos quem curtem receber atendimento preferencial diferenciado com exclusividade! Junte-se aos melhores e mais conceituados profissionais do mercado, qualificados, pessoas de comprometimento e com trabalho de qualidade, desenvolvido com foco na inovação, criatividade, sustentabilidade, governança e plena satisfação do cliente! #clubedonetworking #network #compartilha #networkteamclub

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