50 years of ATM and a BBC quiz on the cash machine…

Charles Skinner points to country-wise ATMs (Brazil having highest) and an interesting BBC quiz on ATMs:

Sample these qs:

Q5: John Shepherd-Barron, who invented the ATM, was inspired by the idea of chocolate bar dispensers. But where was he?

A: In the bath

B: At a railway station

C: At the pub

Q6: Plastic cards had not been invented so the machine used paper vouchers. How were they read?

A: By someone inside the bank who then poked money back through the slot

B: Parts of the cheque were embossed and were read by a braille machine

C: They were impregnated by a radioactive substance

Q7: A by-product of inventing the first cash machine was the concept of the Personal Identification Number (PIN). Why did PINs have four digits?

A: Mrs Shepherd-Barron could only remember a sequence of four

B: The ATM reader could only cope with a chain of four

C: They didn’t. It was up to the customer to have as many digits as they liked

Q8: What is a Lebanese Loop?

A: The paper band that comes around large wads of cash

B: A scam thieves use to steal your card

C: The roller system which churns your cash out of the slot

Q9: What’s special about cash machines in the Vatican City?

A: They squirt out holy water

B: They give out special money with the pope on

C: You can choose to have instructions in Latin

The first ATM in India? HSBC in Andheri Mumbai


3 Responses to “50 years of ATM and a BBC quiz on the cash machine…”

  1. M.Venkatesan Says:

    Hi, the report mentions that India has 70,695 ATM’s whereas the RBI statistics indicate this figure to be above 200,000.

  2. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Which report mentions 70695 ATMs? Take the RBI latest data for the right number..

  3. ritvenkat Says:

    Charles Skinner’s report which is referenced in the above article mentions the same.

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