Economics PhDs In India becoming a scarce commodity

I have raised numerous concerns over declining research standards in India ( See  Indian academia salaries- Too low or too high?, A request to India’s Ivy Leagues- show us some research, Deciphering the B-school ranking in India etc) .

This recent Business Standard article further confirms my views and extends the scope of discussion from B-Schools to Economics departments/ Schools.

D K Srivastava, director of Madras School of Economics (MSE), is disappointed when he sees 50 Master’s students graduate every year with lucrative job offers. MSE admits two or three students every year for its doctoral programme, a third of what it can accommodate. Aggregate data on the number of students completing their PhD in Economics are not available.

Even the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), a premier institute set up by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for research in development issues, found it difficult to attract students for its PhD programme a couple of years ago.

What are the reasons?

Three issues — faculty profile, poor scholarship funding and job opportunities — are being cited as reasons Indian universities have failed to attract good quality students, said four economists, including three heads of the institutions, who were contacted for this article.

Apart from scholarships, the faculty profile and the syllabus play an important role in attracting students. “What I learnt ten years ago is not even offered here in India,” said Parth J Shah, economist and former professor of Economics at the University of Michigan.

The opportunity cost of doing a PhD is huge:

Students graduating from Master’s programme in MSE and IGIDR get job offers in the salary range of Rs 6 lakh and Rs 8 lakh a year — mostly from banks, financial institutions and consultancies. Candidates even after completing the PhD would get only Rs 50,000 more than what a Master’s level students would get, said IGIDR’s Nachane.

“The opportunity cost for a student with Masters Degree to pursue a PhD in economics is very high,” he added referring to Rs 6 lakh salary the PhD student would have earned for four years, if employed.

So, is it that people are not interested in doing PhDs? Not really. Most head west.

For the few students who want to pursue a PhD, foreign universities have emerged as a viable option. These overseas institutions are targeting Indian students and are offering liberal scholarships that are hard for Indian counterparts to match, said D M Nachane, director of IGIDR.

Overall pretty worrisome times. With so many IITs and IIMs coming up, one keeps wondering where the faculty will come from. But obviously they are interested only in big P- placements. As long as they are good, rest can be ignored.

I was talking to a friend who tracks these colleges and was asking him about the fellowship programmes at the IIMs. He said the same there is no point as industry does not value it. He said exactly the same after five yeasr you get the same salary as you get in a Master’s program. But the same industry values the MBA/Masters in economics programs highly. I keep wondering how can doctoral programs be inferior than master’s program. What is going on?  

A big problem in education that has surfaced in India is brands. What matters is not what you know but from which school/college you are. The post graduate programs are considered a brand from some school but not doctoral programs. For doctoral programs the fancy thing is to get it from a US based University. Even the Indian Universities value the foreign degrees more and it is easy to see most faculty has done its PhD abroad. So, a PhD from India suffers on both counts. Neither the corporate guy takes him/her, nor is he/she preferred in the academia. So, people either join industry after masters or go abroad for PhD. I really don’t know how can we get out of this rut.


I was just thinking how can Indian econ departments/B-Schools get out of this “no research/hardly any research” problem. Let me take a cue from one of the most taught management strategy models – BCG Matrix

I think they need to acknowledge that  they have ignored PhD/research for a while and instead concentrated on Master’s programs. These programs were Stars (Shooting Stars is more appropriate)  and had high growth rates and high market shares. These stars have become the cashcows and have got these schools some revenue and recognition.

Now, is the time to focus on research which is a dog/question mark and move it to a star category. It is research that makes the quality of teaching superior and will ensure that cash cow (master’s programs) continues to remain one. If you do not have good teachers the cow will soon die an abrupt death.

Another point is the application forms. I have looked at quite a few forms and find the entire process pretty cumbersome. I don’t understand the case for the same. With such dismal enrollment these standards can be simplified. Prospective students should be asked to fill a simple form and interviewed. Once this is clear, the other formalities can be submitted (attested mark-sheets, referral letters etc.)

Most of these forms also have a Statement of Purpose (SoP) which is simply a concept borrowed from the US universities. The US universities have SoP  as they get applications from all over the globe, so they need to sort out applicants. This is not the case here and reason etc for doing PhD discussed can be discussed in the interview itself. Anyways SoP writing does not achive the purpose as I am sure most is cliched stuff and with plenty of advice on the web, most SoPs would be very similar. To seperate serious from non-serious applicants, an interview would be needed anyway.


128 Responses to “Economics PhDs In India becoming a scarce commodity”

  1. manoj vadnere Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am PG in Economics (1998, Pune University)
    Working in NGO for last 16 years.
    Our NGO work in socio-medical field. ( Blood Banking, HIV/AIDS and other health realeted programme & enveromental issues )

    Now I want to go for Ph D. so i want some guidence.

  2. Sachin Says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am an engineering graduate, working in IT from last 4.5 years, i want to pusue Master in economics degree. Please guide me how to go about this and also what will be the career prospectus.



    Dear Sir,
    I am fresher of master in economics(2008) from The UNIVERSITY OF BURDWAN, WEST BENGAL. I want to doing PhD IN ECONOMICS. My special paper Econometrics.

  4. Amrita Bannerjee Says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am M.Phill in economics(2004). I am a lecturer in a College. I want to do phd in India.Please guide me in this respect.

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  6. Mandar K Says:

    i have done my PG in Econ. The job i do has nothing to do with my area of specialisation (academically!) i think we are facing this problem b’coz our universities lack the interest to improve on the core requirements such as the syllabus. in India as a whole, Arts is a field that only the average or the below average students prefer. probably government can interfere… (this is difficult as we work more on politics not economics…)

  7. manasi pradhan Says:

    I am completed m.phill in economics i wnat to phd in economics.

  8. Sapan Jain Says:

    The Indian PM himself is a person who has immense knwledge of the same subject.Hope he initiates something to take India out of this quagmire.

  9. anindita Says:

    i m an MA in economics from assam . i want to do phd i economics from any university in delhi. can you help me out

  10. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Anindita,
    I am sorry but cannot help. And don’t go to any Univ in Delhi. Either try Delhi School of Eco or JNU. Check their websites. The admissions open up mostly now. I don’t think it will be a problem as there are hardly any takers. You can also try Calcutta Univ. as it is nearer to your home.


    sir iam doing mphil economics in bharathidasan university tamilnadu i am
    keen on taking phd in economics under your guidence please guide me

    regarts V.SATHISHKUMAR

  12. Bharatha rathna.A Says:

    I am Bharatha rathna. A, a M.Phil scholar in economics,

    Bharathidasan university, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu. I expect a guidance

    to do P.hD in IIT/IIM/Research institute/university. Thank you.

  13. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Bharatha,

    If possible please apply for a phd in US/UK. The quality of Indian phds is not very good. Even in India most of the good economists who get to do good work have done their phd from abroad. Within India, Delhi School of Economics should be the best bet.

  14. sreekanth Says:

    the Centre for Economic and social studies , hyderabad is offcering PHD in Economics.
    it is a part time programme that enables the faculty of colleges like you to under take research in areas of intrest without having to take leave from reggular jobs.
    asst. statistical officer

  15. Praveen Says:

    I am praveen i complited MA Econometrics I would like know about how to get phd admission in abroad with scholarship especialy countries like Autralis,uk,

  16. rajeshwar Says:

    sir i am a engineering graduates pursuing MA in economics (final year)please give me some guidance about phd program in indian university with list of reputed institutions.

  17. ashok kumar pandit Says:

    Respected Sir;
    I ashok ku pandit ,serving in indian air force for last 19 years did my MA economics from annamalai university ,mba Fin fron IGNOU ,between 1997-2001,served as faculty in mechanical training institute Tambaram ,chennai.I want persue phd from ignou in economics ,as i m well conversant about the valuation and accredition of it.What is your opinion about it.

  18. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Dear Mr Pandit,

    Please don’t call me Sir. You are much senior to me and I should be calling you Sir. I don’t even know how to advice you. I should instead be asking you for some advice.
    All I can say is if you are looking at a IGNOU phd to make a career in economics, it will be tough. But for just plain education purposes, it may not be bad.

  19. Ram Says:

    Dear Mr. Agarwal,

    I am currently a PhD candidate in eocnomics from a recognized university in the US. I would like to share a few of my thoughts on the issue of SoP, that you had delineated in your article. The SoP, besides unearthing the true interest of a student, is also intented to find out how keen he or she is in joining the school. It is to test how different your thinking can be. Thus, if you come across a “boiler plate” type SoP, it is a signal for elimination. Therefore, underplaying the importance of SoP, in my humble opinion, defeats the whole purpose. Probably, you could have told that the way SoP is supposed to be evaluated is not being done in India, as it is done in the US.

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  21. pradip singh Says:

    Respected Sir;
    i did pgdm , can i do phd in economics.

  22. parul Says:

    i have done M.A. in economics last year from IGNOU and i stays in delhi
    I want to do P.hd in economics. So, please guide me that is doing P.hd from jhansi or gwalior or singhania university is good or not?
    Did i get job in Delhi colleges after doing P.hd. from these university……….. Please help me.

  23. Rajeshwar Says:

    I am working in allahabad bank, can i go for phd without leaving job, in future i want to serve in academic.
    please guide me.

  24. Dr.Soumyaranjan Nayak Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am an ayurvedic doctor complete my degree in 2008 and no i am going to complete my MBA (Health Care Services)on August 2010. So,
    now i want to go for Ph.D in Health Economics.
    Please give me the address Where this course is provided in india and please give me is carrier prospectus . what are the job fields after doing this coprse ?
    Can i get the lecturer post in medical colleges after completion of this Ph.D ?

  25. Jony Fathima L Says:

    Dear sir,

    I have finished my M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. in economics & at present i am working as a teacher(PGT). Now, i am interested to do Ph.d in Economics. Could you please guide me.

  26. Sagar Srivastava Says:

    Dear All

    I am an MBA in Marketing and working for banking sector for 2 years. I would like to do Phd in Economics through distance learning. Please guide me on the same.
    Request you to mail me the details to my mail id “

    thanks & Regards
    Sagar Srivastava

  27. Folding Bikes For Sale Says:

    I’ve recently been attempting to explain the exact thing to my friends but I think it’s better if I just send them the link to this article instead. Thanks for such an informative post.

  28. aman singh Says:

    i have done my p.g. in economics but i have secured 52% in 2004……………….now please tell me how i improve my it any way witch university give me permission to improve marks in pg. or……can i do another p.g in economics again

  29. Sakshi Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have completed my PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management) in Finance from University of Pune in the year 2006. Besides, I have MBA autonomous degree from IIMT college, Pune with Finance as my specialization, I wish to pursue PhD in Economics. I wish to know if I am eligible for the same.

    I will really appreciate your reply in this regard.


  30. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Sakshi,

    I think you should be eligible for doing a Phd. Try IGIDR and Delhi School of Economics in India…Or I would suggest just take a GRE and go abroad. It will be worth all the effort.

  31. sadankumar Says:

    Dear sir, i am now studing M.A Economics (external) final year and i want to do ph.d plz guide me about ph.d and it is the procedure to do M.phil after M.A for P.hd………………?

  32. Satish Says:

    Dear sir,

    I have completed my M.Sc in Agricultural Economics and working as a Business Analyst in one of the MNC. I am very much interested in doing Phd in Economics as it will helpo me to grow in my current profile, but at the same time I can not quit my current job.
    Sir, is there any way where I can do my phd wothout quiting my job?

    Thanks and regards,

  33. Amol Agrawal Says:

    I wish I could help you on this front. I am myself struggling to look for a useful part time PHd program in India.

    You can try the Universities of your city for a part time option. For a full time Phd, IGIDR is the best place as of now. IIM’s fellowship programs are also getting better.

  34. Jagbir Singh Says:

    I m jagbir singh. I m passed Bachelor in Arts with 57% and Master In Political Science with 55%.Now i m plan for Doctorate In Economics.
    please advise me according to my profile.

  35. Guruprasad A Says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have completed my MBA and presently working as Lecturer in College. I am interested to do Phd in Economics, would seek your assistance and guidance in this regard.

    I would appreciate if you let me know how to get scholarship and do my Phd, in India or abroad.

    Looking forward to hear from you.





    i am doing from Delhi university and sir i want to know what is the minimum requirements to do the PhD in economics i want do PhD in economics Please guide me on the same.

    prashant srivastava

  37. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Prashant,

    You will have to first do an MA preferably in economics. Each university has a different criteria. Some consider MBAs as well as Masters degree. So, you will have to check different universities as well

  38. S. Neeta Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am working as a lecturer ( permanent in management category) in a most popular college of India, located in Chennai, for the past 5 years. I have completed M.A., M.Phil in Economics. I have also cleared UGC NET examination. I am eager to register for my part-time PhD in Econometrics, as I am interested in Quantitative Economics and believe it shall take me to greater heights in my career. The registered guides for this specialization are a handful and almost all have enough candidates and are unable to accommodate me. My question is, will my prospects for a government job as assistant professor be affected in future if I register under a Professor in Statistics as my guide to get an interdisciplinary PhD in Econometrics. I have found a guide from Statistics discipline, but wanted to inquire about the consequences before registering with the same.

  39. Dr. Priyanka Sinha Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have compleated my PhD from University of Allahabad in year 2009 and presently working at G.B. Pant Social Science institute Allahabad in a Projects and seeking permanent job.
    I have a Project experience of about two years and taught in MBA- rural development for two semester (Managerial Economics). Please advise me according to my profile.

  40. Dr. Priyanka Sinha Says:


  41. isha Says:

    dear sir,
    i have done ma economics . i want to do phd under foreign collage under scolarship. please guide me for it
    thank you

  42. Amol Agrawal Says:

    hi isha,

    i can only give the standard suggestion here — give a GRE and apply…select colleges as per your strengths…

  43. Amol Agrawal Says:

    hi priyanka,

    what can i guide you? you are more educated than I am…Keep applying is all i can say… have you tried IRMA at Anand?


  44. isha Says:

    thanks for you suggestion sir.
    please help me more.
    what is GRE. and what are the collages or universities to apply for.
    what are the collages that will call me on my basis to there universities on full fledged scolarship
    thank you. i m really greatful for your reply sir 🙂
    thanks a lot

  45. isha Says:

    and also tell me if indian govt can send me on scolarship to study anywhere under some good foreign university or collage
    thank you

  46. isha Says:

    thanks for you suggestion sir.
    please help me more.
    what is GRE. and what are the collages or universities to apply for.
    what are the collages that will call me on my basis to there universities on full fledged scolarship
    thank you. i m really greatful for your reply sir
    thanks a lot

  47. sidharth Says:

    Hi what exam we have to give to get phd admission in top universities of the world(i mean their private exams or some exams like gmat,gre etc.)
    collages /universities/schools like LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS
    thanks alot 🙂

  48. sidharth Says:

    also i would like to know the procedure too if you could guide me
    thank you sir

  49. Amol Agrawal Says:

    you can get all the information about GRe on internet. it is an exam to get into US colleges…I do not know which colleges will call you…it all boils down to your gre score and past academic record…scholarships are also based on the same….full fledged scholarships go to top students as there is severe competition for the same

    and anyways you should ask your profs the same questions…i am not the right person on this as have not done a phd myself…

  50. Amol Agrawal Says:

    you need to either work very hard or have a lot of money to goto these schools…

  51. meera Says:

    meera r
    want to phd in economics thru distance mode.could u please tell me some options.i am from kerala.there u have to do i yr course present i work & can’t leave the job as such.

  52. Mohit Says:

    sir i had done Economics hons. from delhi universiy. now i m doing MA economics from IGNOU, am I eligble for phd.(in economics) programe from top rank economic colleges in india (dse, IGIDR)and abroad.

  53. Amol Agrawal Says:

    I dont know whether you are eligible or not. Every Univ has different criterias.. Check the websites for details..

  54. Website Says:


    Economics PhDs In India becoming a scarce commodity « Mostly Economics…

  55. dr.beena narayan Says:

    I am working as associate professor economics in a management school in Mumbai.I have 15 years teaching experience, I want to enrol as please tell me about the universities.

  56. Asharani Says:

    sir I am doing phd in mysore university please give me scholraship

  57. anuj jindal Says:

    I have done MA Economics from HP University with 54% in aggregate. want to do Ph.D. Economics . give me some guidance

  58. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Try IIT-Delhi (Humanities Dept and School of Mgt should have phd in economics) , JNU, and Delhi School of Economics. In Mumbai you have IGIDR which comes out with its applications around March. Even all IIMs provide Fellowships in Management with economics as an expertise. If you clear UGC-JRF exam, the application process becomes much easier with funding etc.

    However, would strongly suggest that you give GRE and go abroad as research culture is very different and valuable there

  59. brijesh kumar Says:

    sir at this time doing M.Phil in applied Regional economics from M J p rohilkhand university bareilly ………… Please gudience me ……….. Brijesh Kumar Bareilly……… Thanks….

  60. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Guidance depends on what you want to do. What are your interests.

  61. Manjeet Kumar Sharma Says:

    Economics PhDs In India becoming a scarce commodity « Mostly Economics…

  62. Kapil bhatt Says:

    respected sir, i am a student of agricultural economics, i want to do phd in economics from good institute. but finance is scarcity to me , please suggest me good nstitution with their fellowship programmes.

  63. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Try doing FMP from IIM-A which has a program in agriculture MBA. They should have some decent faculty in agriculture economics and provide decent funding as well. On this topic, most economics departments in the country should have some faculty etc for guidance. But you need to give NET exam to qualify for PhD funding. So, study for NET and crack it…

  64. Doan Huu Tien Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I want to study on PhD for Agricultural Economics in India but I don’t know university or institute. Can you help me.
    Best regards.

  65. saikat dhar Says:

    Hi ,

    I am an LL.B. (1999) and an LL.M. (2011). I am also a PG Diploma In Human Resource Management. Working with a manufacturing industry for the last 11 years. Would like to do my Ph.D. in labour economics in india. can any one advics??

  66. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Doing phd in India is always a tough job for lack of interest in training Phd students. Enrol into a university near you but don’t really think too much about the quality etc of Phd> In India quality of Phd and knowledge gaining depends fully on you.

  67. Amol Agrawal Says:

    I would advice to do from abroad. If interested in India try IGIDR (it has just announced its admission for 2012-13). You could also look at Delhi University. Even fellowship programs at IIMs allow you to specialise in economics and could be seen as an option..

  68. Deepshikha Says:


    I am pursuing B.A(H)Economics from Amity University. The course here is not very mathematical and is superficial. So i have to depend on my own self to crack any of the examinations for Masters in Economics. Also, i haven’t studied economics in the higher secondary level.
    Could you suggest books or guidelines for me that would help me to be at par with any other student from Delhi University or the likes.


  69. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Read up basic eco books and course material taught in Delhi University BA (H) Syllabus…It forms bulk of the MA tests…Most of it is easily available in bookshops/College Photocopy shops etc…So just get them and read up….If available also buy the sample papers of these tests to understand what is the trend etc..

  70. Nidhi Mishra Says:

    I have done M.A( Economics) from M.D.S univ. AJmer. I’ve been working in corp. sector for almost 4yrs presently i’m working in an international school in Chennai. I want to do PHd. from Chennai from a univ. which has 50% eligibility criteria in P.G instead of 55%. Can u please guide me, it’ll be a great help

  71. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Nidhi,

    Apologies for the late reply. I have no idea about University eligibility criterion for PhD Programs. Frankly it is such a useless criterion to have. PhD is all about a thesis which you want to take up and research on it. Why should BA/MA marks determine whether you can do a PhD or not? What should matter is your SoP and how you plan to do your PhD thesis research…But then we have such rules everywhere in education so not much can be done…

  72. goose down duvet double Says:

    Normally I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article.

  73. Dr. Ashok J Says:

    Dear Sir,
    It was very informative reading this article regarding Phd in Economics and its current state in India.
    I am Dr. Ashok J, currently a Prof in Dept of Community Medicine and involved in teaching Undergraduate medical students in a Medical college setting.
    I have always wanted to do a Phd in Health economics preferably in India. I wanted your advice in this regard and wanted to know if i could do it along with my current employment.
    kindly let me know the institutes in which i can do. I am based in Bangalore, but do not mind to travel to any institute you would like to recommend.

    Dr. Ashok J.

  74. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Dear Dr. Ashok J.,

    Thanks for your email. I am not a Phd myself and have been struggling to get one for a while. It is really tough to do a worthwhile Phd in India. All I can say is one should do a Phd in economics from India only as a last option.

    The rules for doing a Phd in India have also changed quite a bit. One needs to do mandatory coursework before registering for Phd. For working professionals this becomes a real task as getting leave for 6 months or so is not possible.

    I suggest (though not qualified to do so) most to go abroad for their Phd. The funding and overall quality is far better. But in your case this might not be possible (if it is please go).

    Health economics is a pretty niche area and I really do not which place in India will do justice to your Phd. I think the best bet perhaps would be to try and register in Bangalore University and just finish it for the sake of it. In case you want be more adventurous, try IIT-Mumbai (Humanities and Social Sciences Dept.) and Madras School of Economics. Even IISc gives Phd in finance/economics. See if they have some faculty who can take you…

    All the best..

  75. anu Says:

    i cleared JRF this year in economics and want do phd in economics Bangalore. suggest me a best college

  76. rojalin Says:

    I am doing job in a bank.I have completed my ma (economics) want to do phd in distance.Please guide me.

  77. shaikh Says:

    haii satish this is mouzam here i too doing Msc agrl econ and am confuse about what is the future of me please help me regarding this..

  78. shaikh Says:

    my no is 9595943353 or mail me @

  79. kavita Says:

    sir i am kavita and i ahe completed my pg programme from mjpru bareilly ,up,and m.phil result is pending vid dessertation, i want to do p.hd from a best institue of economics,because as per my consult i think i am gud in iwant an advice for my best carreer in economics.
    please guide me.

  80. Amol Agrawal Says:


    Best option for Phd is US..

    In India, best place is IGIDR at Mumbai…You can even look at DSE and other universities…One can even look at IITs/IIMs as well

  81. kiara Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m currently pursuing my Ph.D in Dairy Economics.I’m to present a seminar and cannot decide on a topic. Can you please suggest me some topics for the same?

  82. Amol Agrawal Says:

    hi kiara,

    no need to call me sir…i havent even done my phd…

    dairy economics and its impact on inflation is clearly a hot topic. By dairy economics, I mean demand and supply of dairy products..

    Another area is food processing of dairy products and its potential in India..

  83. rohang24 Says:

    Dear sir,
    Seek your suggestion for a PhD.. my brief profile
    – B.Tech from IIT
    – currently pursuing MBA from IIM (covering basic macro/micro)
    – worked for 2 years in an engineering role..

    the prime area of query :-
    a) which universities in world ?
    b) MA/MPhil required before PhD ?
    c) interest in public policy – developmental economics shud be good ?

    thanks !

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  85. Niraj Says:

    Hi, I have done BA (Eco) in distance mode and PGDM (Finance, AICTE approved) from IBMR Bangalore and want to do PHd in Eco from top colleges, please suggest if i would be eligible for the same

  86. Amol Agrawal Says:

    hi Niraj,

    Not sure whether colleges in abroad or India will accept…You will have to check with them..

    Each has its own requirements..

  87. Amol Agrawal Says:

    No clue Niraj..You can try and getting through these places..

    I would suggest instead of looking at India, try and go abroad if possible..

  88. Niraj Says:

    thanks sir…i have only one question now….will i be getting stipend in abroad like we get in India during PhD and no fees.

  89. Shaikh Mohd Mouzam Quadri Says:

    haii satish this is mouzam………….. i too did Msc agrl econ from mpkv rahuri and am confuse about what is the future of me please help me regarding this..
    my no is 9595943353 or mail me @

  90. Shaikh Mohd Mouzam Quadri Says:

    hii amol sir ……………….. i did my msc in agril. economics …………and i am a gold medalist in my pg …………….i wanna do PhD from a reputed university……………….. where i can improve myself. according to intrntl level………………… if possible suggest me any foreign universities………………. procedure to apply them also………. waiting eagerly for ur reply……………


  91. himanshu Says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Sister is married and now She wants to pursue MA in Economics after almost a gap of 6 years . can u please suggest what are fields she can get opportunity in. She is 30 now , so in which direction she can shape up her career . Please suggest .


  92. online form generator Says:

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  93. Mazumdar from India Says:

    .MA (Economics) candidate can earn much higher than PhD(Economics) candidate. Why the student will waste time for M.Phil /PhD . India is still immature in Research field and Indian policy makers still have a colonial mindset and have a tendency to show their weakness towards white skin people. It seems to me that India will not be able to compete with Western advanced countries even after 50 years because of wrong policy prepared by wrong people. In western advanced countries, Govt. give more emphasis on the recruitment of PhD holders either as a Post doctoral fellow or any other regular research position with high salary, but in India, Master holders are recruited to save money paying only 16000 or 18000 Rs per month remuneration.
    Indian university should stop PhD research. It is the wastage of time .PhD candidate in India are looser in two dimensions. First, most of the supervisors are either incompetent to guide the PhD scholar or they escape their supervisory duties engaging in some private works. Secondly, there is no good job waiting for them
    I appeal to PhD aspirant not to waste your valuable time involving in PhD until Govt. of India develop a proper research and development policy in the country. It is because after PhD job should be ready. Otherwise it is wastage of time .Master degree is sufficient for the corporate world.

  94. kyamaliya das Says:

    i am astudent of in economics want to do ph.d in economics so what are the criteria for it?

  95. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi kamaliya,
    There are no criterias as sch. You are an MSc so can apply to whichever University you want to. There could be written tests and interviews as well. Also it will be useful if you clear UGC/NET exam

  96. ashirvad Says:

    plz tell me the career options one gets after completing Ph.D in Economics? how good an IIT degree is in comparison to a university degree and the options in field of journalism? also why would one apply for a degree in US when their standards esp. wrt mathematics are so high wrt to our institutes and an MBA in comparison WILL get better salary?

  97. ashirvad Says:

    I completed my M.A in Dev. Econ and thereafter M.Phil from JNU New Delhi and qualified NET. Therefore do also tell me the prospects for a Ph.D in a topic related to Development Econ. in India and abroad.i think instead of presenting a rosy picture of a Ph.D in US students should check out actual facts on econphd.

  98. Amol Agrawal Says:

    hi ashirvad,

    prospects post phd in economics depends on where you want to go. You could opt for academics or join the corporate world. The whole field is getting highly specialised and PhD becomign a requirement for all key positions in area of economics. So if you want to move up in the area of economics, doing a PhD makes sense..

    Academics is pretty straight forward as that is what most Phds do. You could also look at mixing teaching and research. The choice here could be joining some thinktanks as well. Over a period one could look at going into policymaking as well.

    These days corporates particularly banks take Phds for helping understand evolving macro-economy. Most banks require a Phd for their chief economist position.

    Your area of development economics is really broad. What exactly in development are you looking at? Is it education, health, infrastructure, finance?


    I have passed M.A in economics in the year 1999 from Barkatulla University. I want to do the Ph.D this year in West-Bengal. Please send the detail proceedure.

  100. parmeshwar garad Says:

    hi, respected sir/madam, i am doing MA Economics in Fergusson college pune. i want do PHD in Europe. but i dont have any economical support. so what to do?

  101. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Parmeshwar,

    It is careful while sending such mass addressed mails..

    Well give GRE and apply…if they give you funding go..there is nothing else you can do..

  102. vishwanath bhat Says:

    Sir I am working as economics lecturer in Bangalore, I want to do Phd in economics in highly reputed institution in karnataka fellowship. so in this regard please guide me

  103. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Try at IIM Bangalore…Not sure where else can one get fellowship in Karnataka

  104. Vijayalaxmi Says:

    Sir, I have completed my Post graduate in Economics from Karnataka University Dharwad in 2004.with 64% gold medal(public Finance).Im presently working in Child Development Project Office in Bangalore.If i Pursue Phd in Economics in IGNOU. IS That Phd is considered acceptable by all Universities Of India

  105. Musawer Says:

    Repected Sir,
    I complete my MA Economics From Pune University in 2014 and I am a foreigner student have plan for phd in delhi
    your help will be appreciated in advance
    thank you

  106. pradeep Says:

    sir, i have done my master in hospital management. i want to do my phd .can any one which will be the better option?

  107. premji Says:

    can an engineering graduate learn MA economics in any of the indian universities through distance education?

  108. Rashmi Says:

    Sir, After a gap of 22 years, I have done PhD in Econ recently. I completed my MPhil. Econ. in 1992-93. The delay was however owing to certain family responsibilities. Presently, I keep writing in journals on socio-economic affairs but that remains a non- paid job. Now that I am keen to work somewhere in Mumbai, I don’t know how to go about it. It seems, cost- to- benefit ratio for PhD is negative in India.

  109. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Rashmi,

    I can fully understand your predicament. I hate to say it but in economics only degrees from foreign shores seem to matter. as long as you have a degree from the west, age etc is no bar really

  110. neha goyal Says:

    hi sir, I am M.A in economics and working as an economics teacher in a school. I want to pursue Ph. D Economics and have applied in a well known private university. wanted to ask if the course done from a private university holds any importance or it has to be from a govt university.

  111. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi Neha,

    I have no idea about all this. Phd in economics from anywhere in the country is a real fight..

  112. janvi Says:

    I have done m.a. economics want to do PhD from IIT kharagpur tell me the procedure to apply or which is the test I should give

  113. Parag sonar Says:

    Hello sir.
    Currently I am pursuing MSC agricultural economics (Part 2) from Gokhale institute of Politics and economics, Pune. Sir would you please guide me.. That did I eligible for MPhil in economics from IGIDR or DSE.. ????
    Thanking you,

  114. flora johnbosco Says:

    Flora John Bosco
    hello sir
    I have done my MA in Economics in open university with least percentage from Mysore University in the year 2002 I m wiolling to do phd how can I go about kindly suggest me
    Thank u

  115. RAJESH DAS Says:

    I am a PG in Geography and I want to complete my PhD in Economics. will I get all economic benefit and promotion in my service as an Asst. Professor. please mention G.O. of UGC in this regard. Thank you

  116. minu Says:

    dear sir
    i m currently a MA (economics) candidate in ignou. can i apply for phd in amity university?

  117. Vishal Gupta Says:

    Sir I’m graduate is it good for me to pursue ma economics and after that PhD

  118. Rd sharma Says:

    Hello moderator,
    I hv done BTech in 2007 & currently working in Telecom PSU since last 6 yrs. I am keenly interested in studying Economics. Whether ignou wud be appropriate for pursuing masters in economics & may l later pursue regular PhD from mum Univ. Wud it be enough for a gud career option as economist.

    Pls suggest

  119. Viola Says:

    I simply relatively really %BT% can be. But the main problem
    is often I must write any kind of paper to this topic.
    How to apply it improved? The word what information is recommended recycle online?

  120. Lavanya Says:

    Is it valuable to get a phd from mumbai university , Autonomous department of economics ie MSEPP

  121. Amol Agrawal Says:

    I am totally unqualified to make any suggestion on this. PhD is a personal journey and lot of slog. Eventually quality of work matters wherever you do it from..

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  127. Dr C.Basu Mullick Says:

    In general the Professors in Economics here in India are not inspiring at the least for students to look up to them as role model. So hardly anybody willfully pursues PhD in Economics. It is only to get a faculty job and become another negative addition to higher academics scenario that people go for PhD in Economics. The discipline hardly has any practical value. It is time the discipline should be discarded or syllabus revised for practical utility and new faces from other disciplines imbibed to give it a proper face-lift. Economics as a subject is too academic for the poor state of research here in India to lift it up.

  128. Apoorv Says:

    I have done m.a. economics want to do a Ph.D. from IIT Indore tell me the procedure to apply or which is the test I should give. Distance MBA

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