Ireland T-shirt message – “We are not Greece”

Along with Greece Irish bonds premium to German bunds keeps rising as well.

Ireland FM apparently has remarked that he plans to print T-shirts with the message – “We are not Greece”. Irish earlier said they are not Iceland but fell in  big hole later. (HT Eurointelligence)

The Irish finance minister Michael Noonan said he  is considering ordering t-shirts with “Ireland is not Greece” printed on them. “We won’t give them away, we’ll sell them,” Noonan told reporters. The Irish Independent considered it a joke, while Bloomberg writes that Ireland now emphasises its differences from Greece after having spent the early part of the financial crisis trying to distance itself from Iceland.

Sell them sir..may be it helps make some money.

Barring that people will continue to associate Ireland with Greece. Ireland sais this earlier as well but had to be bailed out…Credibility of these govts is at all time low and will take a while to sort out..

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