Learning about Chinese economic history

This is a good new source on figuring Chinese economic history (HT: MR blog) . We hardly know anything about it and make a mess of our analysis on CHina. Just using western economic analysis lens, we miss most of the key aspects of Chinese economy and society.

China’s economic development path did not follow the same pattern as that of the West.

China experienced an episode of economic growth during the Song Dynasty (960–1279). During the Song Dynasty, both per-capita income and population witnessed unprecedented and considerable increases. In addition, Song China saw the pace of technological innovation increase. At some point, this period of economic growth ceased. Then in the 20th century China began its modern economic growth. In particular, China did not experience a “Malthusian Trap” for a long period and then begin its modern industrial revolution in the 20th century. While this is the mainstream view – at an absolute minimum non-controversial – among experts in the Far East, economists in the West rarely recognize China’s different development path.

We cover topics of interest, provide commentary and discussion on research, and conduct interviews with prominent Chinese economic historians. We solicit views from all perspectives, and all views are given a fair hearing.ChineseEconomicHistory.com seeks to provide a bridge between these two isolated academic worlds – that of Chinese economic historians in the Far East, and economists in the West. Everything is conducted in English, and all periods of Chinese history are included.

There are good interviews here.

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