Arlington Cemetery considers new rules for eligibility

Cemetries have to deal with problems of space optimisation.

Arlington Cemetry which honors those who served in military is making arrangements to ensure space lasts over a longer period:

n May 13, 1864, as the American Civil War raged and casualties mounted, 21-year-old William Henry Christman of the 67th Pennsylvania Infantry became the first soldier to be buried at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Over time, more than 420,000 veterans and their relatives have joined Christman in making the military cemetery their final resting place.

It’s because of that, The New York Times’ Dave Philipps reports, the cemetery is now nearing capacity. With about 7,000 new burials annually, at this rate, the site will be full within 25 years. So officials are considering revising the rules for eligibility in order to ensure the cemetery remains open for 150 more years.

According to the cemetery’s website, an in-ground burial at Arlington is already quite restrictive, in fact, the website states its requirements are “the most stringent of all U.S. national cemeteries.” But veterans with at least one day of active service who were honorably discharged are eligible for inurnment above ground.

Hmm. They will now open premium space only for decorated officers…


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