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What a match … Another heartbreak for South Africa..Who is Elliott?

March 24, 2015

It will be a while to get off this match. I mean one usually has this feeling post an India match. But this was nothing of the kind still was quite an emotional experience.

This World cup has had two unforgettable moments – first being Wahab Riaz’s terrific spell and second the first semi-final between New Zealand and South Africa.

Rarely does a cricket match exceed the expectations set by media and experts.  This one did by a big margin.  Youn usually see big build ups only for the final match to be just a one sided formality. This one was special in every aspect and will be in memories for a while.

Both the teams have never moved beyond semis and this was a real chance for atleast one to move in to the next stage. On one side was the perennial pre-tournament favorite SA only to choke at key moments. On other side was NZ  which has been like a happy go lucky team but this NZ team was really different. Never seen  them this good.

And what a match. It had everything in it. Emotion, Drama, Tragedy, Nerves. You name it and it was there. Best of Bollywood directors could not have matched the entertainment masala generated in this match.


Is Indian Rupee overvalued or undervalued?

March 24, 2015

One of the classical economics question to which there are no easy answers. I have been reading quite a few pieces which give you just such an opposite view:

What is the right answer? As we all like to say it depends..

What is Indian central bank smoking?

March 24, 2015

Rather strong words from someone whose opinion matters.


Richard Fisher, Often Wrong but Seldom Boring, Leaves the Fed

March 24, 2015

AN interesting tribute to Richard Fischer who retired from Dallas Fed.

There is little doubt that he was truly a cowboy central banker  in true Texan style. His speeches were easily one of the best with lots of anecdotes and humor.

Krugman adds to the article.

All the best for your future Mr. Fisher. You surely entertained us if nothing else..

A tale of 2 capital cities – Delhi and Mumbai

March 24, 2015

I tink it was Nandan Nilekani who said ” In Delhi what matters is how you know, in Mumbai what you own and in Bangalore what you know”. Hence his choice of Bangalore was clear.

Mihir Sharma has an article on the first two cities (Bangalore is usually ignored from discourse). Sharma says how the two cities coexist and depend on each other:


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